Step Over in Eclipse under Ubuntu using F10

07 Apr 2010

And another for myself and search engine stumblers…

If you use Eclipse on Ubuntu coming from 15-20 years of Visual Studio you’ll soon be remapping the debugging shortcut keys to match Visual Studio’s before you start swearing up a storm.

However, F10 is mapped to menubar_accel by something in Ubuntu. Gnome? Metacity? Not sure what exact thing it is that steals it, but the key doesn’t make it to Eclipse anyway, so pressing F10 just opens the File menu in Eclipse which certainly isn’t what you want.

The fix

Run gconf-editor, browse to /desktop/gnome/interface then scroll down to menubar_accel and delete the F10 value.

You could probably reassign it instead, but if you’re like me, you’ve never used that functionality on purpose so don’t bother.