Android ADT + eclim on Ubuntu 9.10

06 Apr 2010

Stuffing this here so I remember for next time and for search engine stumblers…

On Ubuntu (9.10) I installed Eclipse (3.5) via apt-get, then the Android ADT per Google instructions, and then eclim via sudo ./eclim_1.5.6.sh. After installing eclim, the Android functionality in Eclipse disappeared.

I’m not sure what happened, the Android software was still listed as being installed, but the functionality just didn’t seem to be available.

If instead I just install eclim into local user i.e. ./eclim_1.5.6.sh, all seems well.

If you got yourself into the same situation, the easiest thing I found to do was to “Completely Remove” eclipse and related packages via Synaptic, then sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/eclipse and sudo rm -rf ~/.vim/eclim (or wherever you have your vimfiles), and then install again, making sure not to install eclim as root.

As a side note, I didn’t know about eclim until the other day. It seems pretty sweet. You can run Eclipse headless (or not) and then most/all your project maintainance and editing in the sanity and comfort of Vim. Specifically, this includes proper completion via ^X^U (imapd to something nicer, natch) as well as error annotations on write.