Pap Music Piping

04 Nov 2009

There’s this horrible, over-produced, top 40, shit music that’s piped through the office. Thankfully it’s only in the stairwells, elevator area, bathroom, etc. and not audible from anywhere near where I sit. Though I suspect there’s some poor bastard that has the Worst Cubicle Ever that can hear it all day.

Anyway, it’s been like this since that phase of the building opened 3-4 years ago. So this isn’t a new thing, it’s been the same insipid music ever since someone made the mistake of wiring in the possibility.

The last two days though, I was sitting taking a crap and realized just how much it sucks and irritates me.

Taking a huge dump is one of the best times for a complicated technical issue to crystalize, or for the cause of a particularly nasty bug to become obvious. It’s second perhaps only to the supremely productive meditative time during a morning shower.

But no.

Instead, I’m sitting listening to Miley Cyrus or Hilary Duff or Someone-Who-Just-Had-a-Photo-Shoot-in-Teen-With-This-Month’s-Hottest-Vampire!!

I have visions of smashing a screwdriver into the metal speaker grating. I expect it’d be very satisfying.