New Software

26 Oct 2009

I’ve tried Wordpress, Blogger, and Tumblr (most recently), but they’re a sack of ass. The text editors are horrible and butcher the posts, and it’s just about damn impossible to paste/type code into a post and expect it to turn out reasonable. I thought I could trade the asseyness of them for the less hassle that a hosted service should offer, but apparently I can’t.

So, I sucked it up and configured Jekyll. It’s pretty manual to set up, but it’s just a static site generator from a simpler-than-html-language (markdown et al.) and spits out some stuff.

I went “fancy” (OK, not really) and used Cufón on the headings too. It’s a pretty neat JS library+tool. It renders a font to VML + another format as data for a JS script, so then can incrementally replace text with your custom one, either by using VML on IE, or by using <canvas> on all other browsers. Et voila, The New Yorker-ish heading font.

Anyway, it’s easier to post now, and I can edit in Vim, but I probably won’t still, because, well, 140 characters about lunch is a lot less work than writing thoughtful essays.