More FSharp thoughts

11 May 2008

It’s pretty irritating so far, but I can’t tell if that’s because I don’t know what I’m doing or because I don’t have some key insight into the language structure yet, or what. I find I’m poking around a lot trying to figure out if I need a terminator or a keyword in random places, and because of the structure of the language there’s not as many opportunities as in C# for the IDE to tell you what to type next.

There’s also the #light thing which is silly. The option should clearly have been #dark (or whatever the opposite of #light is in this case) or a command line option to make it compatible with whatever Caml dialect is non-#light.

I feel like there’s things missing from Seq. and so on, but that’s more likely that I just don’t know what they’re called yet, or I’m expressing things incorrectly I’d guess.

At the same time, it’s very pretty in a lot of ways. The interop with .net (though I haven’t used it yet), immumtability by default, FSI-in-VS, and multicore-niceness are obvious wins. I don’t know if it’s applicable to games yet: there’d be an inordinate amount of panic if extra computation was done unnecessarily of course. Anyway, I like it enough apparently, I just got Amazon to fire me a copy of “Expert F#”, which I hope is teh awesome.